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Improve digestion - naturally

If your body has problems digesting properly, you may experience such symptoms as flatulence, a bloated feeling , stomachache, nausea or constipation. Learn how to improve the digestive processes that occur in your body.

What is disgetion?

Digestion is a natural process which occurs in the human body (in the digestive tract) and employs many types of enzymes. The purpose of digestion is to provide the body with specific nutrients. Each meal can only deliver certain nutrients, provided that they are broken down into forms that can be assimilated by the tract. These forms are the simplest in structure. Digestion is carried out on several levels, starting from the oral cavity through the stomach, the small intestine and to the large intestine. The correct volume of bile (a secretion of the liver which assists in the breakdown of nutrients) is critical to digestion of food.
Why do digestive disorders occur?

Anyone can suffer from indigestion. It can be a temporary difficulty or a problem that affects you with every meal. It is the diet that the major factor (positive or negative) affecting the digestive processes. Fat, fried, well spiced and low-fibre food slows down digestion. In haste, people very often prefer ready to eat meals or eat seldom and in huge portions, which suddenly stresses the digestive tract with a staggering job. The dietary excess negatively affects the functioning of the digestive tract and digestion itself.
How do I know that something is not right with my digestion?

Do you feel heavy? Do you suffer from flatulence? Does it seem like your stomach bulges out more than usual, and what is worse, it also aches? Did you eat more than usual? Did you finish a hefty meal of several courses with a tasty dessert? If so, your digestive tract will have a hard time assimilating the intake. It will need much more time than usual to digest everything you ate.
What is the effect of mint, caraway and camomile on digestion?

Mint, or more precisely mint oil, also increases bile secretion. It is also antispasmic, which reduces the sensation of pain caused by overeating and cramps in the intestinal muscles.

Caraway is a carminative; hence it eliminates flatulence and facilitates digestion. It also relaxes the muscles within the digestive tract.

Camomile has numerous indications. Considering solely its effect in aiding digestion, the plant is spasmolytic to the smooth muscles of the digestive system.