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Floderm - Twarz

Floderm - Face

Oily protective cream for facial, neck and shoulder care Intended for the care of dry and sensitive skin or skin prone to dilation and rupture of capillaries.

Floderm contains an extract of Hamamelis virginiana, a sacred plant of North American natives. The cortex of Hamamelis virginiana is styptic and pain-relieving; it accelerates regeneration of the epidermis following cosmetic treatment and prevents infections.

Floderm reinforces the walls of blood vessels. Existing spider veins become visibly constricted, restoring the natural healthy colour and radiance of the skin. If used systematically, the complexion becomes properly supplied with blood and less prone to spider veins and erythema, clearly brighter and full of vitality.
The cream reduces sensitivity to adverse outdoor elements and protects the facial skin from frosty air. It is also recommended for the care of sunburn.

The cosmetic product also cares for the skin following contusion, subdermal extravasation (bruises) and minor chafing of the epidermis. It soothes mosquito and other insect bites.
Floder moisturises, relaxes and smoothes the skin while leaving a gentle protective film.

Apply a thin layer of cream on clean skin and gently rub it in. Use several times a day or as necessary.

Ozokerite, ceresin, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum, lanolin alcohol, aqua, Hamamelis virginiana corticis extr. spissum.

Additional information
Product tested for minimised risk of allergic reaction.
Recommended for use from the 15th week of pregnancy.

Store at room temperature.

Available packages:
oily protective cream for facial, neck and shoulder care - 15 g


Skin problems: dry skin, atopic eczema, spider veins

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