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Dry skin
Spider veins
Throat and larynx
Nervous tension
Immunity Gingivitis
Common cold
Liver Digestion
Contusions and bruises
Urinary system
Prostatic hypertrophy
Stretch marks
Joint and muscle pain
Varicose veins


Constipation, a bothersome daily problem

Constipation is not only a matter of difficult defecation, but it is also pain, the...

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Skin problems: dry skin, atopic eczema, spider veins

The skin of each person deserves individual treatment. Appropriate formulations should be selected for its...

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Aching joints – and the warming ointments and pills to cure them

An increasing number of people suffer from aching joints. It is caused by overloading the...

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Prostate problems

Most men are not interested in the condition of the prostate until they discover burdensome...

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How to deal with the symptoms of venous insufficiency in the legs?

Perhaps many of you find that your legs feel heavy, you feel cramps in your...

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