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1869 1919 1939-1945 1950 1961-1994

1901 1919-1939 1945-50 1952-1961 1994



Pharmacist Roman Barcikowski founded a drugstore in Poznań at the present Paderewskiego street. His business rapidly grew. Other drugstores, then pharmaceutical and drug wholesale businesses were soon established.


The company moves to the newly purchased area between the present Towarowa and Składowa streets.


The company is transformed into "R. Barcikowski" joint stock company. A new chemical and pharmaceutical production department is added to the wholesale.


"R. Barcikowski" company, years 1907-1919.


The company continues to grow. New buildings housing the administration department, the factory, a drying facility and a herb warehouse are erected. "R. Barcikowski" becomes one of the most important pharmaceutical production plants in Wielkopolska and one of the ten largest businesses in the country. The company opened its branch offices in Katowice, Łódź, Warsaw and Lviv. Herb purchasing centres outside the country are established. Herb export has dynamically developed by that time. Since 1932, the company's products are sold under the ERBE brand. The company takes part in international fairs in Paris and Liege (Golden Medal, Grand Prix) and New York.


In 1939, the company is taken over by the Germans.


Factory packing department, interwar period.


Once the buildings destroyed during Poznań liberation have been rebuilt, production is relaunched. By 1950, the company operates as a private business, and its sales gradually increase - as much as twice and a half in the years 1946-49.


The company is nationalised.


The company consists of three independent, highly-specialised businesses: Poznań Herbal Materials Plant (herb contracting and purchasing), Wielkopolska Herbal Product Manufacturing Plant (production) and Herbal Wholesale (distribution). Nine field branches are opened in this period and a network of several dozen affiliate purchasing centres in the area of Western Poland are also established. The manufacturing plant assembles its own research team collaborating with the Medical University, Higher School of Agriculture and the Scientific Institute of Medicinal Plant Materials. The first two of the most popular company's products today are developed at the time - antitussive syrup Tussipect and anti-constipation sugar-coated tablets Alax.


The three organisations come together to form the Poznan Herbal Company "Herbapol". In the next twenty years, such popular products as Capsiderm, Neo-Capsiderm, Capsigel N, Neo-Capsigel, Capsiplex, are developed. In the 70's food syrups Rosavit, Herbavit and Sorbovit become a market hit. In the years 1980-1990, Urosept, Poldanen, Esceven, Mucosit, Arcalen, Aesculan, Neo-Aesculan, Rutoven, Echinapur, Herbolen, Sylimarol, Sylivit, Sylicynar and other products are developed. Both the research laboratory and the production department undergo thorough modernising.


Production, the 30-ties of the 20th century.


PZZ Herbapol becomes an employee-owned joint-stock company and remains so to this day.