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Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis)

nagietek1nspThe pot marigold is a plant with an appearance and medicinal action that closely resemble the much better known camomile or mountain arnica. All three plants originate from a single family, which explains their similarities.

What does the pot marigold look like and where does it come from?

The pot marigold can be found in Poland and also in many countries throughout the world. Its origin is not fully known. It is assumed that it comes from the area of present-day Iran.

The specific fiery orange colour of pot marigold flowers makes the plant easily recognisable. The flowers form heads which stem from a long brittle stalk with many branches. It is the pot marigold head which is a pharmaceutical material (for the production of herbal preparations) so readily used in medicine.

Active ingredient contents in pot marigold extract

Pot marigold head extract contains triterpenes, flavonoids, carotenoids and ethereal oil (also with a rich composition). The ethereal oil is a valuable source of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

The extract of pot marigold can be administered internally and externally (like the medicines Arcalen and Mucosit). The pot marigold is anti-inflammatory and biocidal to Trichonomas (fights infections of Trichomonas bacteria, which mainly attack the vagina), cholagogic and lowers the blood cholesterol level. In addition, it is also spasmolytic (i.e. relaxes the smooth muscles, primarily of the intestinal tract) and haemostatic (facilitates coagulation of blood).

Therapeutic indications for pot marigold extract

The indications for use of extracts from the pot marigold heads include:

  • elevated blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia);
  • infections with the Trichomonas parasite;
  • inflammatory conditions in the system, including inflammations of mucosa;
  • contusions;
  • exudates;
  • wounds;
  • metabolic disorders.

The pot marigold extract is usually administered externally (the ointment Arcalen) in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions, e.g. bruises, contusions and wounds. The medicine Arcalen, which contains extracts of pot marigold, mountain arnica and horse-chestnut, accelerates recession of bruises and reduces contusion-induced swelling. It can also be used for therapeutic purposes in sports massage.

The pot marigold extract is also used to help in the treatment of periodontal disease and inflammation of the oral cavity (Mucosit gel). Apart from the pot marigold extract, Mucosit also inludes:

  • the Quercus (oak) bark extract, which gives a styptic effect i.e. inhibits exudates and bleeding;
  • the extracts of Calendula officinalis and Tussilago farfara, which enhance the anti-inflammatory action of the pot marigold;
  • the extracts of thyme and Salvia officinalis, which ensure bactericidal action;
  • mint oil, which cools and reduces the feeling of pain;
  • lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic;
  • allantoin, which accelerates healing of wounds.

Thanks to these actions, Mucosit gel is used in the treatment of prosthetic decubitus ulcers which may result in necrosis if not treated.

The pot marigold extract is also used in cosmetology as an ingredient of creams and tonics. The pot marigold extract is primarily used for its anti-inflammatory action. Remember, not everyone can use the preparations of pot marigold due to its strong allergenic action.



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