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Energising and warming ointment NeoCapsiderm. Contains capsicum extract, camphor and essential oils restoring natural, gradual and long-term sense of warmth. The essential oil aroma relaxes and soothes your senses.

NeoCapsiderm - ointment - 30g

The ointment should be used before and after physical exercise, for massages and manual therapies. Reddening of the skin is a sign of a natural increase in its blood flow.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Lanolin, Oleum Terebinthinae, Paraffin, Camphor, Oleum Eucalypti, Capsicum Frutescens Resin, Vanilyl Butyl Ether.

Directions for use: apply a thin layer of ointment on clean skin, massage gently into the skin. Use several times a day. Wash your hands after use.

Protect your eyes against any contact with the ointment. Do not use if the skin surface is broken. Do not use in pregnant women or children under the age of 7.

Keep at the room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.