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Boost your immune system with organic vitamin C

If you find the first symptoms of weakness, take vitamin C!

Humans must take vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in food or dietary supplements, since the human body cannot synthesise it. This is due to a mutation of a gene which codes one of the enzymes critical to the metabolic path that leads to the production of vitamin C. Animals (apart from the Guinea pig, apes, some fish species and birds) can synthesise the compound systemically, since they are free of the genetic mutation.

The recommended daily allowance for ascorbic acid is 80 mg. Smokers require more vitamin C than non-smokers. Administration of excessive doses of synthetic vitamin C promotes the formation of kidney stones.

Macrophages are a functionally critical part of the human immune system. They are white blood cells the purpose of which is phagocytosis of microorganisms, including viruses, which penetrate the human system. Phagocytosis is a process in which macrophages assimilate the intruders and destroys them inside with lysosomal enzymes. The speed and effectiveness of phagocytosis depends on the functional condition of macrophages. White blood cells which are "well fed" with vitamin C are vigorous and quickly fight infections.

Vitamin C also directly affects the antibodies, i.e. the proteins generated by type B white blood cells. Their task is to identify and destroy specific microorganisms. Administration of ascorbic acid causes a rapid increase in the number of antibodies essential to fight off viruses. This issue is critical in treatment of the common cold, since by taking vitamin C we accelerate the process of healing, and as a consequence you prevent further development of viral infections.

It is especially important to select the right formula with ascorbic acid. It is a good choice to use preparations with plant extracts as the source of vitamin C. Unlike its synthetic form, organic ascorbic acid occurs in complexes of bioflavonoids (such as rutoside) that ensure stability and long life of vitamin C. Synthetic vitamin C is less stable, e.g. in varying temperature of storage, which may result in premature loss of pharmacological activity. This risk is absent in the case of preparations with organic herbal extracts.

Moreover, organic vitamin C is assimilated better than the synthetic form and also exceptionally gentle to the stomach mucosa. It reduces the risk of cardiac infarction, and cardiac and circulatory disorders, eliminates fatigue, and promotes tissue growth and regeneration. This is because the action of organic ascorbic acid is intensified by bioflavonoids.

An example of a preparation with a complex of vitamin C and bioflavonoids is Rosavit C, a dietary supplement. The formula contains:

  • Extract of acerola fruits – it is the primary source of vitamin C in the preparation; acerola fruits have the highest concentration of ascorbic acid of all cultivated plants in the world, as much as 2500 mg / 100 g. It is about 100 times more than in the same weight of orange!
  • Ground wild rose fruit – the fruits are also a rich source of vitamin C.

The Rosavit C dietary supplement is available in capsules and intended for adults (with the dosage of 1 to 4 a day) and children above 4 years of age (with the dosage of 1 capsule a day). Drink the preparation with water. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

It is essential to choose the preparations which are favourable to the upper airways and boost the immune system. Especially useful are extracts of coltsfoot and thyme are combined with vitamin C. An example is the Bronchopect sirup, a dietary supplement. It contains:

  • Coltsfoot (Althaea officinalis) extract – alleviates irritation of the mucosa in the airways. The coltsfoot extract exhibits this property by its content of mucilage compounds. The substances have large molecules and are perfectly bound with water to give a viscous mucus. The molecules are chemically classified as polysaccharides. They coat the surfaces of the airways and soothe them.
  • Thyme herb extract – it is a source of ethereal oils, e.g. thymol and carvone, the substances which intensify secretion of a less viscous mucus in the airways to facilitate the evacuation of deposits from the organs. The ethereal oils from thyme are also antiseptic. Hence extract of thyme soothes irritated and damaged airways and helps them fight off bacterial infections.
  • Organic vitamin C from the acerola fruit

The Bronchopect dietary supplement soothes the throat, the larynx and the vocal cords; it also refreshes the breath and moisturises the throat through the combination of organic plant extracts. The Bronchopect syrup is intended for adults. It is recommended to administer three tablespoons a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
In terms of functioning and design, the immune system is a complicated structure of the human body. Continuous stress and haste compromises its defensive action. It is good to consider supplementation of vitamin C in its organic form to boost the proper functioning of the immune system and the upper respiratory tract during autumn-winter and winter-spring.